Fanny at Town Hall

27 Jan 2024 - Town Hall

Presented by Country Halls Tour & Sure Thing Agency


Country Halls Tour presents Fanny Lumsden & The Prawnstars at the hallowed Tamworth Town Hall delivering a special ‘HEY DAWN’ edition of their infamous country halls tour show with all the classic bells and whistles Fanny and her band are renowned for. 


"Inside this gem of creativity rests a genius. Sometimes the fun antics of the band seem like a cover for an extremely talented singer songwriter. But Australia has already figured that out, lauding Lumsden with coveted ARIA and Golden Guitar awards.' (Newcastle Herald).


''It's breaking new ground for an old genre locally.'   MTV Australia 


"Lumsden has established herself as one of the genre's most esteemed performers'  Andrew McMillian, The Australian 


“Lumsden remains a savvy songwriter, with strong melodies and sharp lyrical observations, and Fallow will make fans out of people who would ordinarily turn up their noses at the genre.”  **** 4 Stars Tim Byron, Sydney Morning Herald


Basically it’s a lot of fun. And you should come. 





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